Why use MintMail?

MintMail was designed and built by Northern Ireland Web & Design studio MadebyMint, around a set of principles in order to cater for local business requirements. MintMail offers experience and support whether you are a business individual or large organisation, an email marketing beginner or a seasoned pro.

Easy to Use

You don't need to be a technical whizz kid to use MintMail. Honestly, the remit was our Dads had to be able to use it! Simplicity is at the very core of the MintMail system making it the ideal email marketing tool for the business individual through to large organisation.

Cost Effective

Now more than ever value for money is high on everyones priority list. MintMail will enable you to send effective, high impact marketing campaigns, at the touch of a button for outstanding value.

High Impact

Design & brand awareness is at the heart of the MadebyMint design team. Let us create high impact designs for your email campaigns or use our online WYSIWYG Editor to create your own.

Environmentally Friendly

Cut your print bills and reduce your carbon footprint by using email marketing to sell, promote, launch & grow.


We're Here to Help

We understand that new forms of marketing can seem like a daunting task. Let us walk you through the easy set up process and advise you on how best to send effective email marketing campaigns with MintMail.

Monitor Campaigns Success

One of the biggest advantages of E-Flyers over their printed counterparts is you can actually see who has read them!

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